RANKED: Top 5 WORST Instrumentals to Ever Grace a Bluegrass Record

by The Monrover Editorial Team

1. Monrobro (Blue Highway). Talk about spitting on the grave of our HERO Mr. Bill MUNroe (at least spell his name right). Bill was trying to tell us Dobros are trash from the beginning…and who does this “Rob” individual think he is, anyway? If it ain’t Jerry Douglas dressed up in a Josh Graves costume, is it even worth listening to. (That period is not a typo.)

2. Big Country (Bela Fleck). If you’re going to tune a banjo down 7 keys, you may as well just play the bass. Needless to say, Earl would be disappointed.

3. Everything ever recorded by Punch Brothers, including vocal numbers.

4. Classical Gas by Tommy Emmanuel. The Martin box was created for the sole purpose of strumming and drawing attention to the mandolin. Sadly, Tommy is such a show off. Also I don’t think he even played a single G run. That’s three thumbs down from our editorial team, which includes our Senior Correspondent, Jason.

5. Animal Farm (George Orwell). We know this isn’t an instrumental number PER SE, but as you know Bill was a staunch Democrat and would have been AGAINST this book and all that it stands for.

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